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About Medi-Solve Coatings – The Leading Hydrophilic
Coating Supplier

Developing innovative coating technologies

Medi-Solve Coatings was started in 2005 because we wanted to give medical device makers the opportunity to get current medical coatings and specifically hydrophilic coating technologies in a fast, responsive manner.  Since then we’ve expanded our technical capabilities to other markets like cosmetic gels, lubrication solutions and industrial applications.  In 2012, Medi-Solve Coatings was acquired by Precision Coatings, the leader in PTFE coating.  This exciting merger has enabled us to offer customers a larger spectrum of coating technologies and services.  Medi-Solve Coatings is located in Natick, Ma.

What We Do

Medi-Solve Coatings is a coating supplier that provides extensive medical device coatings and unique custom solutions. From product design through manufacturing, we are dedicated to continually improving our platform and processes for coating technologies and custom formulations, including those used for medical coatings, cosmetic coatings, and other commercial applications.

Unlike other coating suppliers, Medi-Solve will never demand cumbersome contracts and expensive royalties due on any product you sell.  Medi-Solve provides a hassle free business model, just pay for the coating technologies that you need.  The more product you coat, the more solution we can sell; a win-win situation.  That’s why at Medi-Solve Coatings, getting state-of-the-art coating technology is cost effective and convenient.

Our Philosophy

As a development partner, our customers tell us that we offer a uniquely high level of collaboration, and that our understanding of the requirements for medical coatings is unparalleled. We are a trusted coating supplier because we tailor our coating chemistry to your requirements, ensuring the successful launch of your product in this fiercely competitive medical device marketplace.

Medical device technology is accelerating at an amazing pace. Trust the future success of your medical device to the proven track record of Medi-Solve’s medical coatings.

Our Team

Ron Sahatjian, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer

Leading hydrophilic coating supplier – Meet our experienced team

For over 20 years, Dr. Ron Sahatjian led key Boston Scientific R&D programs. In 1991, he started Boston Scientifics’ Corporate Technology Center and launched the company’s drug delivery program with the invention of the hydrogel coated drug eluting balloon and porous drug delivery Channel™ balloon. As Vice President of Strategic Technology Programs, he led a multi-disciplinary R&D team investigating materials in drug release coatings, shape memory polymers and aneurysmal therapies. Ron holds over 115 patents, is an academic lecturer, has presented on FDA advisory panels, and has been published in JACC, Radiology, and other peer reviewed journals.


Rick LaPorte, Vice President of Engineering

Leading hydrophilic coating supplier – Meet our experienced team

Rick LaPorte is responsible for leading Medi-Solve’s hydrophilic formulation efforts, process technology development and manufacturing scale-up. His professional history ranges from small, start-up operations to large, corporate organizations including an eight year tenure at Boston Scientific and five years at Medtronic Corporation in their Advanced Manufacturing Engineering program. Prior to beginning at Medi-Solve, Rick served as Director of Coatings for Angiotech Pharmaceuticals at their R&D facility in Vancouver, British Columbia where he established pilot operations for drug eluting coating on venous access catheters.


Let us put our 60 years of experience in coating technologies to use for you. Call us to today to talk about your coating requirements at 781-366-0927.


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